Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Son!

Today is my son, Jonathan's birthday.  He'll cringe when he hears I blogged about him, but that's just too bad.  I blog about things that I love and he's on the top of that list... well, most days, anyway!

Jon is my only child, and I can't believe how quickly the years have sped by to today.  Time stands still for no one - one minute you are caring a babe in your arms, and the next minute that babe is cooking you a mother's day dinner! 

For those of you who don't know Jon, he's a typical young man - with a huge huge heart.  He is sometimes hard to read, as he tends to keep things pretty close to the vest - but get him talking and you will discover all kinds of things about him.

He is a very calm person - never looses his temper; he's smart - but never flaunts it; he's very creative and sticks with a project until he has it right.  He has a great love of good music and is not stuck in any particular genre, he likes the best of the best - period.  He loves movies.  He's kind and exceptionally generous.  He's a good friend to many many people of all ages and nationalities.  He's a hard worker, never phones in sick, doesn't abuse his privileges.  He's a wonderful son... and both his dad and I are very proud of him.

I hope he has the best day today - I know he will get many well wishes from people all over the city as he works, and across the cyber world as the day moves along.

Happy Birthday Jonathan

LOve You, Son...

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