Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Last week in all the confusion going on around me, I neglected to check my emails on a regular basis.  So on the weekend I had the daunting job of going through many emails that I had missed the week before.

One of the emails was from the Publishers of my novel "Stroke Of Love".  It seems my contract with them (7 yrs) will expire in June and they were asking me if I intended renewing for another 7 yrs.

This might seem strange to some - but I have been waiting for this day for about 6 yrs.  When I first signed the contract for publication, I was pumped with the idea that my book would be available everywhere... not so.  In fact I was never even able to get my book in a store - anywhere.  The contract that made the Publisher look worthy - wasn't worthy of the paper it was written on.  This publisher did nothing to promote my book or help me get it on the shelves, and so pretty much the book sold only when I sold a book myself.  My largest royalty cheque was $2.75.... seriously - I think I sold over 100 books, and maybe made a total of $13.00.

My writing is not about making money - but having said that it would be nice to sell a few books and make a little bit of money!! Writing IS hard work... much time and effort is spent making a story and good story.  It's just too bad that Publishers such as mine, benefit from my work - more than I do.

So what was my answer to them?

Stuff it -

I have a much more rewarding project in mind for Stroke of Love, that has to do with my wonderful readers right here on my blog.  As of June - when I am no longer bound by contract - I can do whatever I want with my book.

So question is...

Do you want to read it?

Have a great day, my friends...

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  1. One word--YES!!!

    Sorry you didn't make more because your work is great and you need to find somewhere else to help you get published.