Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well it finally happened.  I picked my little Chip up from the breeder on Friday night, and what a fantastic weekend I had.

I have to tell you - he's perfect.  He is sweet, gentle, affectionate, and very funny.  He is so full of mischief and so perky that for much of the weekend he had us all laughing.  I could sit and watch him all day - and well, I did do that for most of the weekend..

But then Monday rolls around and it's back to reality and our jobs, so I took off for work yesterday, feeling kinda sad that I would be leaving him alone for the first time.

I don't think he really cared... he seems pretty content in his cage, he loves his birdie bed, he's eating real food, and he has the dog to watch and try to figure out.

When I got home from work yesterday I took him out of the cage and introduced him to the craft room for the first time.  My work table is kind of scary on any given day, but I moved most of the cutter aside and made a spot that was safe for him to play on.

He took a shine to a wooden thread spool.  He pushed it around the table and then we started pushing it at each other.  He loved it.

We played for quite a while, and then he discovered an even better use for the wooden spool...
I laughed my head off... but that's the way this little guy is...

So tonight we are heading back into the craft room and I'm going to see what he can do with a crochet hook. 

I want to thank the breeder, Heidi and her mother (Omma) for raising such a wonderful little fellow.  I know they are missing him already.  I promise to send lots of pictures and updates.

So happy Tuesday everyone... lets get to it! 

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