Sunday, January 21, 2018


A word to my readers.

I realize that not everyone who reads my blog are actual followers of my blog.  Some readers surf blogs, judge the content, like it or don't like it, stay or move on. 

Unfortunately those who don't like my blog, who are not my regular readers or followers, also think they have the right to make comments on my blog.

They do - but I also have the right as the owner of the content on my blog, to remove comments I don't want on my blog.  I seldom remove comments, in fact comments from my "Registered Followers" are never removed - I don't have to remove those, because my "followers" want to read my blog and their comments suggest that to myself and to other readers of my blog.

So that you know - I will continue to remove all comments that come from persons other than those who have registered here as my followers.  Also I will continue to remove comments from anyone who is surfing and commenting for the main purpose of only wanting to advertise their own blog or business. 

I promote the blogs and businesses that I want to promote on my blog - all others will be removed.

For anyone who reads my blog, I remind you to read my copyright article on my main page.  You may not use any of my writing, photographs, or patterns, unless contacting me directly for permission.  My photos are watermarked, and all my stories, books and poems are under copyright to me, and only me.

Thank You


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