Monday, June 19, 2017


As you can see, I have hoisted my flag to the top of my blog.  Canada's 150th birthday is less than 2 weeks away, so up she goes.  This is the flag that flies in my yard, picture taken last year after we replaced the old flag with this new one... you can still see the creases in it from being in the package.

I love having a flag flying in my yard for several reasons - one being that I am proud and so blessed to be a Canadian, but also the flag is the best weather indicator I have.  It is the first thing I look at when I open the blinds in the kitchen, and it tells me so much before I even stick my nose out of the house.

There are a lot of changes happening in my yard.  Some are beautiful and welcome... other's not so much.

Guess we will start with the not so much...

We have been in a drought situation here for all of May and most of June, until last week.  My vegetable garden has been doing nothing.  All I have growing are some sad looking beans, some onions, and some volunteer potatoes.  Nothing from the other seeds I planted have even sprouted - due to the heat and lack of water, no doubt.  Just before the rains finally came my vegetable garden started showing some small portulaca weeds.  Then it started to rain and the weeds grew and grew, until they completely covered the ground.

This is how dense a covering these weeds are across the whole garden.  It is impossible to see if anything I have planted is even coming up under this mess.

I am so upset - beyond upset actually - disgusted is more my frame of mind.  I will be very surprised if anything much grows in this garden this year.

So once it stops raining, you know what I will be doing... one by one picking this creeping weed out of a very large vegetable garden!

or I could get one of these...

Last fall Gary and I made a very crude bird feeder, too late in the fall to set out for the winter.  It sat in our cold room all winter and I last week I hauled it outside and set it up in my wildflower garden.  It has been an instant hit with my feathered friends.  Now when they come to visit, which is almost constant through the day, they have a place to stop and eat or just perch and enjoy the yard.

A new baby Robin from this years hatch loves to sit on top and chatter with me.  I believe this is the offspring of "Baby", the yearling Robin who follows me around the yard all day.  Both "Baby" and this new Baby are often together, and this new one is not at all afraid of me, just as it's parent is not.  So now we have "Baby" and "New Baby".  

I also have a pair of bright yellow Canaries, and a family of Catbirds who also come to my feeder.  Next nice evening, I am sitting on my park bench with my camera for as long as it takes to get some great photographs.

I might have obnoxious weeds, but I also have many many birds, and flowers that give me endless pleasure.

I picked you a bouquet of flowers last evening...

From Me - to You....


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