Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I was going through my my 759 posts ( yeah, can't believe I have written that many either) and I noticed that I have 34 posts still in Draft.

I am wondering why I started posts and didn't finish them or publish them to my blog, so I started reading through some of them.

I came across this one, written June 12th of last year.  Hum.... I like the subject, and I really like the images... and although I have yet to start it, I still want to do the project at the end of this post.

Have a Read.... "Goin Crazy"

If you have read enough of my posts, you will know by now that I love anything Victorian.  The Victorian Era produced some of the most beautiful buildings, homes, decorations, and certainly the most notable needlecraft's in history.

I'm not saying it was easy being a woman in those times, but I am saying that women were their best in those times.

One of my favourite things that was so prevalent during the Victorian Era - are the beautifully hand sewn and embellished Crazy Quilts.

These amazing quilts were made from pieces of special fabrics such as silks, velvets, brocades... the colours were vivid, but what made these quilts so beautiful were not the fabrics they were made of, but the detailed embellishments done with embroidery, lace, beads and ribbons.

The few Crazy Quilts that have survived from the Victorian Era are now in museums throughout the world and are considered treasured works of art, but the craft of creating these quilts lives on today.

These quilts may have started off as a quilt made from leftover fabrics  - a poor woman's quilt, if that's what you want to call them - but they are anything but today.

Crazy Quilting has been elevated to a new art form, and the supplies to make just one quilt can be expensive.

Today's woman may find these quilts busy or overpowering, not a thing they would want hanging in a their super modern home to be sure.  You might not love the style of the quilt, but if you took the time to look at the amazing colours and the incredible work involved, I don't think anyone could fail to be impressed with today's version of this historical type of quilting.

Take a look at some of these examples of this amazing art form I found on Pinterest...



 These are the quilts that can tell a story, or keep a memory of someone alive.  They are personal, heartfelt and amazingly beautiful.

Many of these quilts take years to complete, by talented crafts people women and men alike.

There are no rules, and any form of needle work can be used to embellish these works of art.  

This is a piece that my Aunt Margaret did years ago - she embellished her piece with some of her favourite broaches.

A few years ago I was given several small pieces of Crazy Quilting that has been pieced but not embellished.  One is a nice wall-hanging size, and the other are smaller, suitable for a table top.  I have chosen this one to be my very first piece to work on.  I want to try my hand at this smaller one before I work the larger one that I want to finish for my bedroom wall.

I plan on using crochet,  thread embroidery, lace and beads, and a new craft I have never tried before - ribbon embroidery.  This will be a great project to work on while the TV is on - hopefully it won't take me years to get it done.

I have already started crocheting some small pieces to applique on this quilt, then I will embroider around my crochet piece with thread and bead work.  On one of those coloured patches will be a Victorian lady walking through an arbour covered with flowers...

I can't wait to get started!

My ideas for this piece have returned... now all I have to do if find where I stashed this little piece and get started....

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