Wednesday, June 14, 2017


First of all I want to take a minute to wish a very special person in my life a Very Happy Birthday!  That person would be one of my very BFF's, Denise.  Happy Birthday, Dear Heart.... I love you!

Remember when I made the little square quilted piece last year with the three women walking away arms together.  .. well Denise is the one in the blue outfit and the hot pink boots...

So - what have I been doing with myself for the past couple of weeks?  Guess I need to catch up a bit.  First of all not much is growing in my vegetable garden.  Until last night we have had no rain since early May, so things just aren't coming up, and what has popped up is not growing.  We did receive over an inch last night, so I am hopeful that will get things going out there.  As pretty as our property was a few weeks ago, it is burnt to a crisp now.  The grass is brown, the new trees we planted are suffering and even my perennial beds are nowhere are nice as they have been other years.

While I was stewing away about the condition of everything outside and the lack of rain, I decided it was past time to finish some of the started "home" projects.  There were paint cans lined up in the hall on the main floor for weeks - maybe even months.  On
e was for the hall wall itself, the others were for the bathroom cabinets.  So I got busy and finished both those areas and put the paint cans away for hopefully a very long time.

The main floor officially has been painted in it's entirety!  

I have been mulling over what project to work on in the studio, hadn't really decided, so Monday morning I went off to work at the library.  I finished my chores there, and decided to stop into the recycle store next door to the library.

If you read my blog regularly you will know all about this shop.  It's the best little kept secret in McCreary - sometimes....
And sometimes it is just a store piled with junk.  You have to stop in often to know when things change in there... and I do!

So in I go.  Right away a see a long white plastic case lying on the floor.  I thought it was a gun case to be honest with you, so I didn't even go near it.  There were a bunch of metal pieces lying beside the box, but I didn't bother with those either.

I headed over to the area I always check out first, and there lying on the floor were two boxes of stuff.  I poked through the boxes and pulled out a book I thought was knitting patterns.  It was an instruction book for a knitting machine.

About turn and head for the long white plastic case and the metal pieces lying beside it!

I didn't even really look, I just started carrying everything to the car.  

For two days I sorted, and cleaned and assembled and in the end, I had three complete knitting machines and enough accessories to do some serious knitting projects, if I actually knew how to use the machines.

Here is the assembled machines and the accessories.  The machine on the far right is for knitting fine yarns, lace, and fancy things.
The one in the middle is a basic knitting machine, it has larger needles in it so can be used for a heavier yarn or wool.
And the one on the far left is a ribber.  It can be used with the one in the middle.

I have learned a lot about these machines since Monday, by reading the three manuals front to back... now comes the fun part!

more tomorrow!

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