Friday, June 2, 2017


In case you are under the impression that every one of my days are idealyc, I am here to share my day yesterday with you... well part of it anyway.

June 1st 2017!

We were expecting our first very hot day of the summer, even though summer isn't really even here yet - so I decided we would finally put up the double curtain rods I bought months ago, and hang the sun and heat blocking curtains on my West and South picture windows.  Especially after Gary discovered that the air conditioner wasn't blowing any cold air.

I bought the curtains last fall in Winnipeg.  They were fine then - but now I just didn't want the very light cream colour.  Well, to be very honest I didn't want them last fall either, but they were on sale, so I bought them.  Mistake #1.

Sometime during the winter, I decided it really wasn't such a big deal that I didn't like them - I'd just dye them - so I purchased 4 boxes of chocolate brown dye.  Maybe Mistake #2.

How hard could this be?  I had 6 curtain panels and 6 sheer panels and 4 boxes of dye.  I decided that I would spilt the job in 2.

First load - three curtain panels, three sheer panels - and oh I had some nice long cream panels - why not throw those in the mix - one for each load.  Mistake #3.

I hope you see where this is going?

I filled the washing machine with hot water, pre-mixed the 2 boxes of dye, added the dye to the water and curtains in the washer, and let the machine do it's magic.

First load done, not bad - not brown, but a nice dusty sandy colour.  I could live with it.

Load two... REPEAT!

Hmmm.....the water's not so hot down at the bottom of the washer tub... oh crap - I had done 3 loads of laundry before dye load #1.   That's 4 loads of laundry on my old 1980's hot water tank.   Mistake #4.

Well too late now... let the machine do it's thing.

FYI - I'm not counting mistakes any more.

I am here to tell you - never divide a dye job in two... NOPE!

Second load - no colour change to the curtains or sheers - well maybe a spatter of orange here and there - and some more splatter that looked like black ink from a fountain pen.  And the not bad dusty sand colour I saw on load #1, turned dusty sandy orange after being in the dryer for a few minutes!

Here's my dilemma.  I need 4 curtain panels for the west window and 2 for the South... and  I divided the loads into 3 panels each.  I have 3 nice dusty sandy orange panels and 3 fountain pen spatter panels.

About now, you know the meltdown begins, and Poor Gary is sitting very quietly on the couch pretty much not making eye contact with me.

The sheers - well,  Ditto sheers to curtain panels.

By now it's mid afternoon, the sun is blasting that big west picture window, and Gary says the thermostat in the house says 27C.

I have a pair of striped curtains that I had up in my living room in Winnipeg.. I always liked those striped curtains, they might go with the dusty sandy orange panels - you know 2 of those, 2 striped and we're done!

The thermostat might have said 27, but I'm at a boil by now.  Lets just hang the darn things and be done with it already!

If you have something you need to be doing - this might be a good time to leave... spare yourself.... please!

I'll wait until you get back on your chair.... there now, take a breath...

Okay - so Tajmahal?

I nailed it ... right?

Wait until you see the sheers...

Like I told my friend Louise  - it's a waterfall with menses!

Okay - so It wasn't my best day ever...

It certainly wasn't my best project ever, either!

If you call and say you are stopping over, I'm going to have to tell you I won't be home.


By the end of the day the thermostat topped out at 28C.  Mine - much much higher... but we do have a repairman coming to fix the AC this morning.

Next week I am going somewhere where I can buy 6 new panels, all the same, in a colour I want, no matter now much they cost.  

Bad day?

Not at all - I got my CT scan results and all is clear... so who cares about the darn curtains anyway.

I'm going to enjoy them, even if I can't stand them.

How was your day?

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