Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Sometimes in life we are reminded that we really are not completely in control of our own destiny.

We can make all the best decisions, plan, plot, play all our cards just right - and still things can go wrong.

Here am I - loving retirement, loving country living, content, perfectly gloriously happy and....


I end of spending the better part of a Sunday laying on a stretcher in a small country hospital ER!

Just like that everything can change!

Relax - it's nothing life threatening - but pain that just won't go away no matter what this nurse tries or does.  I never give in an go to a hospital - but this time I had to.

So after hours of examination and tests, I was given the option of either being admitted until the next day when I would be sent to a larger hospital for more tests (CT Scan) or go home and perhaps have to wait an extra day for the CT.

I went home, with stronger medication, and hopes that I wouldn't have to wait too long for the CT.

Yesterday I went for my CT, so now I wait.

In the mean time, my pain is much improved and I am hopeful that whatever the pain was to begin with will hopefully be something minor or non-existent and never show it's nasty side again.

A good wake up call.  Dale - don't take all this good stuff you have been given, and forget to say Thank You.  Don't forget to give back happiness for all the happiness you have been given.   Don't be a little piggy at the trough and forget to share the chop!

Am I worried about my results?  You know I am - I have had cancer once, and I know there is a very strong possibility I will have it again at some point in my life.

But I also know I have beaten Cancer once and I can do it again if I have to.  My faith is just that strong!

And yes - for me, it comes down to Faith.  That "C" word changed my life forever - in a good way.  I met a friend I had somehow lost on my path through life.  I will never let go of that friend again.

And so today is a new day - and it's a real good one.  The sun is out and its so warm outside.  Flowers are growing and blooming, and birds are everywhere where I can watch them and listen to them.  Soon my camera will be in my hands - you will benefit from that part too.

Life is good...

Real good....


  1. Dale; I am so happy to read this ... I was expecting you to tell us the cancer was back... thought it so unfair as you seemed to have found your HAPPY place in McCreary... I know you say you still are waiting for results; but... whatever they are I KNOW you will OVERCOME!! Love Ya Girl!

  2. Keep thinking positive my friend. It may be something but NOT the "c" word. I won't accept that. ((hugs))