Monday, May 15, 2017


Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and that Mother's everywhere enjoyed their special day.

Mother's Day is an honour for those of us who have children,  and everyone one alive has or has had a mother, so we all should celebrate Mother's Day to some extent.

Is that being completely fair?

For some, Mother's Day is painful.  What about the people who have lost their mother, or those who never knew their Mother, or those who's Mother's mistreated them, or how about the women who lost every child she carried, or the ones who never got the chance to carry a child at all...

I saw something this year, that I am not sure I noticed before.  I use social media to connect with family and friends just like so many other people.  Yesterday social media exploded with Mother's Day tributes, pictures, and that is nice - but right along with the major explosion was a sentiment of quiet despair.  I saw it, I read it and to be perfectly honest - I felt it a bit myself.

At times I wasn't sure if I was seeing Mother's Day - or Christmas!

I am not saying I am against Mother's Day being celebrated - I most certainly am not - but is this in-your face - look how I treated my Mother today- truly celebrating Mother's Day?

Growing up we celebrated Mother's Day with a hand made card, maybe a handmade gift, breakfast in bed, and lots of love and appreciation throughout the day.  As we got older perhaps the card was bought, maybe we added flowers instead of a gift,  if we were still living at home, maybe we made breakfast - lots of love and appreciation - not just on Mother's Day - but every day of the week, month and year.

Were we neglectful compared to the celebrations of present day Mother's Day?  Not at all.

Most Mother's I know only want one thing - to be loved by their children - not just on one day, but every day of the year.  We work so hard and do so much for our children as they grow into adulthood, its nice to know they appreciate everything we do and have done for them.  Do we need to be shrined in gifts, flowers and pictures?

One comment I did like on social media about Mother's Day was from a cousin of mine who is a bit older than I.  She told of a tradition long past where it was customary for people to wear a carnation on Mother's Day to honour one's mother.  If your Mother was alive you wore a pink one, if she was deceased - a white one.  In her case growing up in a small town where there was no florist the carnations were made of crepe paper, but Gary tells me his family practiced this tradition, and they wore real carnations.

A silent tribute to your Mother worn over your heart - all day long.  It brings tears to my eyes.   How very special.

I have a Mother's Day card taped to my wall above my computer from my son.  It's from a few years back.  I have it there because it tells me how much my son does love me.  The sentiment inside the card is simple... "Happy Mother's Day, with love and thanks for all you do."  He has signed it from himself, the dog and the bird.  

But it's the front of the card that tells me how much he cares... he took the time to find the special card for his Mom.  He knew that I would appreciate the "crafty" look of the card over one with a picture of real flowers.  That alone, makes this card so very special to me, and is why it hangs on my wall as a reminder of just how much my son loves me.    I know his love will be the same today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my days.   That's all I really need to make every day  -   Mother's Day!

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