Friday, May 5, 2017


I am always amazed and thankful when I see how many visits I have to my blogs each day - even when I haven't posted for a few months.

Yes - I have been gone far too long - I certainly feel that way, but my time away was well spent catching up on so many things while I awaited the arrival of spring.

And what an arrival!  Is there anything better than that first few warm days when the song birds are back, the grass is turning green, the green leaves of early perennials are popping through the ground, and tulips are poking their pretty little heads out?  Remember those 25 special tulips I planted last fall to commemorate Canada's 150th Birthday?  They are all up and every day I am peering down at them to see if I can see a bud.  Finally I can!

I was industrious while I was away for those couple of months.  I finally got around to pulling the ugly wall paper off in our bedroom and painting the room.  Oh - so much better.  Part of the reason it has taken me so long was that I kept changing my mind on a paint colour.  In the end I chose a very soft pale green - and it is so restful and soothing - perfect for a bedroom.

Then I moved on the the main floor bathroom. It has taken me almost 2 years to get this room done as well - but done it is, and I'm loving it.

My biggest project was my studio.  Hate to say it - but I couldn't really work in it after I reorganized it just after Christmas.  I didn't like the colour I had painted and I certainly didn't like the layout.  So I stripped it down, repainted and put everything back the way it was before the wasps invaded last fall.  It's home again, and I'm not changing it ever again!  (mark that on the calendar, would you please!)

I am so glad I got all the inside work done, because now I just want to be outside working in the yard.

I bought myself a little electric tiller, and tilled my big vegetable garden all by myself, instead of having to wait for someone else to do it.  The garden is ready to plant.  I decided to wait on the raised beds for another year.  I wanted to try some different vegetables this year so thought the space would be easier to handle if I just used the big garden.

Believe it or not - we are just finishing all the vegetables I froze last fall - so perhaps I didn't plant too much last year as I originally thought!

I am looking forward to a new season of growth, new journeys, new adventures, and hopefully some more new friends.  Hope you can join me for whatever spring and summer 2017 will bring...

See you next week!

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