Thursday, February 23, 2017


Good morning everyone!

We are less than a month away from the first day of spring and if you are like me, that means that a lot of your thoughts have been focused on the great outdoors!  For some it means getting outside and riding a bike, going fishing, hiking, camping, playing sports.

For me it is starting the very long list of "to dos" that I want to accomplish outside this year!

Of course in my mind, I will get everyone one of the things on my list done probably in the first month - or so I tell myself.

Check out this list:

Build raised garden beds - I am thinking (4 )  6ft beds to start with.

Build a rustic fence around the beds - not to keep anything out - just because I want a fence with a gate around my raised bed area.

Make perimeter beds around the fence for flowers - annuals and perennials.

Start seeds indoors - things like tomatoes, some herbs, annuals and flowers...

Clean all flower beds and continue working on the rose beds on the south side of the house.

Plant a apple and a pear tree

Remove brick flower bed along the west side of the house and save any bulbs or plants for replanting.  Dig and make a new bed along the house with new soil and replant.

Re-seed lawn where necessary.

Plant trees and shrubs at the front of the house... thinking 1 tree and 2 shrubs (for now)

Plant 1 tree and a couple of shrubs on the garage side of the yard for privacy.

Find, buy and install a umbrella clothesline in the space behind the shed.

Plant vegetable garden

Replace windows

Paint exterior of the house and garage...

And that should take me to June!

All of a sudden I am feeling a bit tired... think I will go and see how April is coming along!

This is what I have been doing for a whole day already - I am watching a Giraffe by the name of April as she labours to give birth to her baby.  It is fascinating - not because I have never seen an animal give birth, but maybe because I have never seen a giraffe give birth!

 There are several live feeds on line - they go off once in awhile, but for the most part are on until the event happens.

One is CBS Denver's Facebook page ( this is the best feed) but the comments are nuts, so turn them off - hate it when humans have to be humans while watching nature in progress.

Youtube also has a feed - just type in Animal Adventure Park, and you will see the feed.

Well, I feel like I have done a whole lot this morning - time for breakfast and some much needed coffee...

Enjoy your day everyone!

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