Wednesday, February 8, 2017


In 1979  I was 24 yrs old.  I had been writing poetry since I was a child.  I had always written about other people, but never my own family - so I wrote a poem for my parent's  37th  Wedding Anniversary.

They were delighted - they made me frame it, and they hung it in their bedroom.  It hung there until their home was sold after Mom's death...

As it turned out this poem would become the first in the "Cycle" series.  I updated this poem several times throughout the years...


Some years ago two people I know,
Were joined together for life.
The vows they made to one another,
Were that, of Man and Wife.

So young they were, and full of dreams,
Their aim in life was plain;
And when their first child came to them,
They called their new son, Wayne.

Some time they had with this young lad,
Growin' so fast and learnin'
But soon a brother came for him,
And this one they called, Mervyn.

The times were hard, the money scarce;
Outside the air was stormin',
About this time, another child - 
The third son, who was Norman.

The days passed by and turned to years,
The changes they were many.
There seemed no hope for daughters now,
They didn't plan on any.

But fate it was, that they should hear,
The news that made the pair go pale;
A child again, a girl this time - 
A welcome sight named Dale.

Their family was completed now,
Or so to them it seemed;
But in awhile surprise again -
A boy, whom they called Dean.

This story has no end you know,
Now most of the kids are grown.
Their children now, are coming fast,
And the cycle continues on.

Well time will tell what the future brings,
And I know it won't be too bad;
Not with the start, we all got from home,
Thank You, Mom and Dad.

Dale Fischer

More tomorrow...

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