Thursday, February 16, 2017


While I have been writing the series of posts about my Dad, all kinds of wonderful things have been happening to people I know and love - and to me as well.

First, this past weekend we were Blessed with a visit from our Dear friends,  Sharon and Al.  They were visiting family in Winnipeg and later in Brandon, so they stopped for a overnight with us on the weekend.  

We haven't seen them for a couple of years so we had lots of catching up to do.  It was wonderful having them here, and my only complaint aside from wishing my dear friend wouldn't have to be battling cancer again, is that the visit was much too short.  But God-willing it won't be years before we see each other again!

Not two days later we got the news we have been waiting to hear for over 8 months! 

Well I'll let this precious little fellow tell you himself!

On Valentine's Day Thomas got to go home.  Here he is checking out of Ronald McDonald House!

Thomas is not over his ordeal yet - starting March 1st he starts his next round of chemo treatments, but from now on, he will no longer need to live in Vancouver full time.    He still has 2 more years of treatment ahead of him, but he will be home with his family, his pets and his friends, which is going to be so wonderful for him.

Thomas and his Mom, my niece Alanna have inspired me so very much these past 8 months.  Little 10 yr old boys can be Hero's - and he is mine.  Both he and his Mom have fought hard, but all through this journey they both have kept smiling, kept being kind to everyone they met along the way.  They didn't take their sorrow or pain or fear out on anyone - they faced it and overcame their obstacles one by one.  The picture above is proof of strength of spirit, and more so - strength of character that both Thomas and Alanna possess.  

Thomas had help, much loving help from the Angels who worked with him and for him every day.  The doctors, nurses, technicians, radiologists to name a few.  Without them, this beautiful picture would never have happened.  Thank You one and all for taking care of my family.  
And finally, many thanks to Ronald McDonald House staff for wrapping your arms around my family and giving them everything they needed at the time they needed it most.

This world IS full of wonderful people, wonderful places and wonderful outcomes...  I have seen it many times myself, and now I have just seen it one more time.

Two special people who both are battling cancer, and who both mean the world to me.

"I choose to make the Rest of my Life,
The Best of my Life..."

I'm sure they would agree....

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