Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It's time to get back to the studio and get some projects done before spring hits.  Once the weather warms up enough to be outside working in the yard, the studio pretty much gets forgotten.

You would think spring was here, this past weekend we had record warm temps for this time of the year.  The snow is melting like crazy and when you go outside you really are fooled into believing it is late March or even April, instead of February.  I took this picture on Saturday, Feb 18th.  A week ago this was buried under about three feet of snow that we had piled beside the garage.  While it was exciting to see the Iris' I had totally forgotten I had planted here last fall, it still should not look this way quite yet.

So back to the work waiting in the studio ...

I am working on some items for the Antique shop... some homespun-type things that will go good with vintage and antique items in the shop.  The shop is called "Uniques and Antiques" - perhaps my items would qualify more for the "Uniques" portion of the name.

So currently working on large (26") cloth angels, made from recycled materials from shirts, pants - actually anything, really.  Their wings are "crazy patch" construction to give them that homespun "poor angel" look.

I also have started a couple of cows - and boy and girl cow to be exact.  These are made of fabric as well, about 21" and crazy cute.

My friend Louise has managed to snag me a pattern for a pair of chickens that are outrageously funny and cute, so they are going to be next on the docket...

And if I have some time I might do a couple of bears, bunnies and perhaps a giraffe.

I haven't done soft cloth figures in a long time, so this is a re-visit and a re-learning experience for me.  It is a most welcome change from mug-rugs and needle work and crochet.

But then Gary informed me that his topic for his Spiritual Care group at the nursing home this week is going to be Angels.  Right away my brain goes into overdrive.  I have come to know and love the residents there, so thought it would be nice if they could all get a little Angel once their group meeting was over.

So out came the crochet cotton and needle and I ended up making  tiny little angels that they can take to their rooms and hang on a plant or the window shade, or where ever they want.

My head is getting so far ahead of my hands that I just know I am going to run into trouble eventually.  It always happens when the creative juices go into over drive!  At 61, I am still trying to learn to pace myself - whatever that might be... I'm just not getting the concept.

Hope to be able to show you completed projects in my next post.

Keep busy everyone - it's good for you!

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