Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I want to take a moment to congratulate my Great niece Alyssa and her new husband Lucas, on their marriage yesterday.  They are celebrating their wedding in Mexico this week.  I wish them both well.

I doubt she will be on here, so I will show you the wedding card I designed for them.  This one was so much fun to do.

I added a black and white ribbon along the left side of the couple to complete the card.

So back to the promise of Sweet Peas for Dad.

This spring when I sent my order of vegetable seeds in to T&T seeds,  I included an order for 2 pkgs of sweet pea seeds.  I ordered a Mammoth Mix, which are supposed to be a very large long-stemmed sweet pea, and Streamers Mix, the flowers of which are shaded like they have been dipped in paint.  Both are frost hardy for this zone.

I soon realized that I had nothing in my yard for the sweet pea vine to attach itself to while growing.  I have no fences,  I do have one trellis against my shed, but it doesn't get enough sunlight for this plant so I was stuck.

We were in Dauphin at the Canadian Tire store and while wandering around the seasonal section I came across some 6 ft hardwood stakes.  I bought them thinking of staking tomatoes... then I saw some plastic chicken wire - I bought that as well.  When I got home I realized I had everything I needed to make a fence for Dad's Sweet peas so I got the staple gun out and got busy.

Here is what I ended up with.

I poured both packs of seeds together, soaked them for 24 hrs and then planted all the seeds in front of  these two fences.  I am making a marker for the garden that says "Joe's Peas"

This little garden pictured here is one I started when I moved the shed last year.  Initially it was supposed to be a garden around the shed - but then we moved the shed back (a previous post) and so now I am slowly making this into another flower bed.  It is still in it's infancy, but hopefully I will have some color there this summer with some of the perennials I planted last year.

You can see my vegetable garden in the back - all tilled and ready to be planted just as soon as the weather is more stable.

Here is a better picture of that garden.

Yes, I know it is very large.  We are going to seed a strip on the right side by the hedge in grass - nothing much grows there anyway.   At the front left side I have my strawberry patch already growing and at the very back I just moved 5 rhubarb plants from the front yard where the fruit trees are planted.  

I have the garden all planned out on paper with companion planting in mind.  Now all I need is some heat and no hint of overnight frost, and I will be busy putting it all together for real.

Now I am off to get some trees and shrubs.  I know what I want - the trick will be to see if I can find them out here.

Check in next week and we'll see how I made out!

Stay safe everyone!

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