Monday, September 26, 2016


No, I am not talking about alcohol or drugs - that's the modern association for the word buzz - there is a much more ancient and simpler meaning to the word buzz, and it has everything to do with nature and communication, and nothing to do with over indulgence!

For eight weeks now, I have been battling the ever present and always irritating buzz if wasps and hornets up in my attic space studio area.  I have tried very hard to be a big girl about it, but sadly, I just can't be that big!

At at time when I should be spending long days up there making items to fill orders, writing blogs, and editing photography,  I have only been able to spend minutes up there without having to leave on the run.

We have sprayed, bombed, searched and spent precious time, money and energy on these nasty predators, until I finally declared that I had "HAD IT" and wasn't going up there anymore.

I was in somewhat of a state of panic - I had orders to fill, I was planning a Christmas Open House, I have promised some items to a local shop here in town for Christmas sales... what to do?

Move - that's what!

Since we have lived in this house, I have spent minimal time in the basement family room - well truth be told, unless it's to do laundry or watch movies in Gary's home theater - I don't go down there at all.

There is nothing wrong with the space.  We have painted it and made it ours - it is comfortable - but I had my space upstairs, so that's where I always headed.

All of a sudden the family room has been looking pretty attractive... hmmm!

So I began the arduous task of moving down 2 floors.

First I hauled all my sewing stuff down - 2 machines, all my material - scraps included - cutting table, ironing table - you name it - it was moved... to the area at the bottom of the basement staircase ... and I spent three solid days sewing and completing my mug rug orders.


But my huge heavy desk, my computer, all my other "stuff"...

It took the weekend - but it is all down in the family room - which had to be totally rearranged to accommodate everything.


Left upstairs - my dolls - and some craft stuff in rolling carts and my shelves and shelves of craft books and patterns.

In the meantime - you know all the time you get to talk to your spouse as you are hauling things down two staircases - we have discussed....

The problems with my attic space.  At the moment the only thing it has going for it - is the space - but it does leave a lot to be desired in many ways.

It's wall to wall carpet - and not good carpet - it should go.

The windows are drafty, in fact there is very little insulation up there at all -

The drywall is done poorly, and the overall materials used is crappy.

and the biggest concern - the space is heated with very old baseboard heaters from the 70's that runs at 2100 watts - you should see the hydro meter whirl when they are on - better yet  - you should see our heating bill from last winter!

So - the dolls will be packed away for now, the rest of the area cleaned out, and this winter's project will be gutting the space and giving it a whole new look.

So now - I guess I should be pretty happy for the BUZZERS - don't you think?


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