Friday, September 23, 2016


Welcome Fall - my favourite season of all!  The leaves are starting to turn, but it has been so dry here this summer  I fear our beautiful show of fall colours may well be short lived.

According to the forecasters we are in for the precipitation we have been waiting for, for weeks.  It is supposed to be a rainy wet weekend, perhaps not what the farmers out harvesting their crops want or need at this time of the year.

We have been having some incredibly beautiful sun sets.  I should have been much more resourceful with the camera.  Instead of standing on the step and shooting, I should have taken the car for a drive, with camera in tow...

But here is what I did manage to catch from my step last week,

Mom always used to say that a red sunset meant wind the next day - and she was right.  Every time we have a sunset like this we have a lot of wind the next day.

This one was beautiful - It changed so fast though, I was lucky to even get this much!

Next week I am planning to take a day out with my camera and capture some of nature's beauty.  It's been awhile since I have had the time to go shooting - but in this season, you have to make the time or all the good shots will be gone... so I am looking forward to doing just that.

In the meantime, I am going to share a poem I wrote some time ago.

Have a safe weekend, everyone!


When summer’s done the days grow short,
And evenings seem to crawl;
As sure as there is God above,
We've reached the season, we call fall.

Colours bold; orange red and gold,
Paint every tree in sight:
Harvest moon, not seen in June,
Helps light our path at night.

The bite of frost now nips the air,
Winter’s coming near.
Pumpkin Pie and apple crisp;
Fall’s tastes and scents so pure.

Geese in flight; so long dear ones,
Take care till spring’s return;
Farmer’s fields devoid of crop
Now ready to be burned.

Thanksgiving meal and family time,
So much to give thanks for;
A home so warm as evening draws,
A leaf wreath on the door.

As winter comes and shows its beard,
Fall slowly slips away.
It will be back same time next year,
I can’t wait for that day!

2011  Dale Graumann

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