Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Today I was finally able to spend the whole day in my studio working on things for my Christmas Open House and finishing up and order for a dozen mug rugs.  It was a day without wasps or hornets, not sure why, but I was glad that they weren't around.

We have found where they are coming in, but it has been so windy that Gary hasn't been able to crawl up there after dark and bomb them but good.

I can't tell you how much better I feel about being able to spend the whole day working.  It took me awhile to get my mojo though - the studio is trashed, from moving things around looking for wasps, and just from not being able to spend enough time up there to put things away.

But I did make a huge dent in the Mug Rug Production.

I decided to make one for my Dad for his 96th birthday in October.  He used to be a hunter, so I created a new design that I know he will love.  I like the design so much, I will make a few extra for sale as well.

I also have been working on some adorable little pouches made from jean pockets that would be great for kids - a small gift could go in here, or a gift card with some candy.  I still have to put handles on all of the ones I made, but this will give you an idea what they are going to look like.

Aren't they the cutest things?  So don't throw those precious jean pockets away - I have a use for them.  Actually any used jeans are welcome here.  I am busy designing a stocking from jean pieces left over from some jean quilts I made a few years ago.  I am thinking I might add one of the snowmen pockets to this stocking - I'm still thinking about it - but that actually might be pretty cute!

I have also been crocheting bears - this year I am making cowboys, sports bears - hockey, skiers, skaters etc... as well as some ballerina and angel bears for starters.

And still to come - some painted wood projects made from reclaimed wood.   And I think I will also make a few of my brother's "Joy" patterns, but maybe make them more primitive looking.


I feel like I am back in control, and as long as the buzzers stay away, I think I will be more than ready for my Open House later this fall.

But for now, it's time to shut down up here for the day, and head downstairs to make some biscuits to go with our home made ham soup for supper.  All day I have smelling that soup cooking, and it is driving me nuts!

It's been a great day - hope your day has been a good one as well.

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