Sunday, September 11, 2016


Boy oh Boy - my intentions sure do run away from me!  I thought I was back on the road to posting daily blogs, but it seems my intentions are taking wrong turns.

I have a problem.  Some of you will probably laugh at my problem, but believe me when I tell you, it has me totally freaked out.

I have Wasps and Hornets in my studio!  It has been going on for some time, and we thought we had conquered the problem by sealing every crook and cranny in the entire attic, but still they come in.

I can't stand them - in fact just the thought of going up there, and having to deal with even one, gets my heart pounding.  I don't mind them outside - but I can't abide them inside.  And of all places, my studio - where my computer is, my craft space, my sewing machines!  It's the absolute worst!

So I can't blog, I can't sew, I can't do anything except sit down on the main floor and stew about all that I can't do.

Gary has even gone as far as removing the wood and sills around the windows, which in actual fact opened a real can of worms because we discovered that there is no insulation, and lots of gaps and wholes everywhere, which then needed immediate attention.

So here's how a days' work in the studio goes!  I open the door to the stair way ( which has never been closed as long as we have lived here) but I don't want the wasps and hornets on the main floor, so now it's closed!  I slowly make my way up the stairs, inspecting every stair was I go.  At the top of the stairs I have a fly swatter and a can of Raid waiting - and the first window (where the hornets are usually stationed) is right there.  I look, I creep by - swatter and Raid raised high, and I hurry by and enter my craft area.

I stop, listen.... do I hear a buzzing?  I have Tinnitus - what kind of stupid question is that?

I move slowly forward - I can now see the window at the far end of the attic, my desk is right beneath it.  I don't see anything flying or crawling.... I walk slowly until I am just about there, and I reach the nook - I look to right to the nook window - awe yeah - there is one on the window.

I drop the can and swatter and run downstairs.  Another crafting day has begun!

Everyday I have more and more craft supplies on my kitchen table, and I am seriously thinking of moving my machines down there as well.  I really am frustrated with this - I haven't had to craft in my kitchen in years - even in my other house I had a designated craft room!

If these were my beloved Bumbles or Singular Bees, I wouldn't be bothered  at all, I would share my space until I could capture them and release them outside - I would never spray or swat them to death - but these critters are not beloved to me in any way.

I am falling behind in my work for my open house - because of some irritating pests!

Sorry to say - I am selfishly wishing for frost followed much colder weather so they disappear altogether!  But that would rob us all of the most beautiful time of the year, and I wouldn't like that either.  Fall is wonderful - Wasps and all.  Just wish they would find somewhere else to visit than my attic!

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