Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us.  This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving at our son's home in Winnipeg.  Although we haven't really discussed it much as yet, a couple of things have come up in our conversations that have been of concern to him.

His biggest concern about hosting a family dinner, is the fact that he has no table set for us to sit and eat at.  It will just be four of us, but still, a big dinner does require some space to eat.  I told him not to worry about it, we would figure something out before then - and then I put it out of my mind!

This morning I went to clean the library and as usual, stopped in the recycle store next door before heading back home.

Our recycle store here is the oldest building in town.  Whatever you don't want, you take there, leave it, and if someone else wants it - they take it!  Easy and effective.  You wouldn't believe the turn around of items in that place.  If you see something you think you want - you'd better grab it - or next time it will be gone.

I have picked up some really awesome finds there, especially lately.

So I walked in the door, one of the staff was unloading some boxes, and right away I spotted a leather box.  It was heavy when I picked it up but I didn't think anything of it  - I tucked it under my arm and continued on.

Before I had taken 2 steps I saw a lawn spreader - we need one - that went under the other arm.  At the china section was a box of stuff, so I set my takes on the floor and rooted around.  I ended up with a really pretty candle vase, and pretty old picture, a round picture frame never used, and I would have found more, I'm sure, but really I had enough to carry home.

I rounded the next corner and there standing along the wall was the answer to our prayers...  4 of these!

My first thought - Thanksgiving dinner concern - solved!

I added these to the now mounting pile.  As I made my way to the door, the staff member who was going through boxes was sorting through some bags of what looked like sheets.  She reached in the bag and pulled out a complete bed linen set for a 3/4 bed still in it's wrapper.  I stuck my hand out - and it was mine - followed by another queen size set still in it's wrapper.  Mine too!

I was more than done.... or so I thought!

Gary walked home and got the car and we started loading all my wonderful finds in the back of the car.

When I got home - I had one more surprise.

Remember I mentioned the leather box was heavy?

Inside were these...

Lovely, like knew winter boots - and guess who's feet they fit?

Well Cinderella I am not - but my beloved snow boots are 12 yrs old - not yet completely worn out but getting close. This spring when I put them away, I remember saying to Gary  - I really need a new pair of winter boots...

If that's not Prayers Answered - I don't know what you would call it!

Today, obviously was my day...

Prayers Answered!


  1. A good haul. Sounds like fun! I used to do second-hand stores a lot
    and picked up some amazing furniture years ago when we were poor. I'm still using some of it. Now I have to stay away from temptation because most of nmy cupboards will hardly close.

  2. Our house here is much larger than the one we had before, I won't run out of room anytime soon - but I really am trying to only bring home things that I will use... really I am!