Wednesday, July 13, 2016


On Friday we will have lived in our new home and town for a year!  It really seems like we have been here much longer than that at times, but a year it's been.

It has been a busy year around here.  We have painted almost the entire interior of our home, added some things, taken some things away... spent the majority of our time when we could, working on the yard and property itself.  

Now we are ready to concentrate on the exterior of our home.

I have waffled back and forth for a year on "the look" I want for the exterior.  Our home is stucco, built in the 1940's.  It is classified as a bungalow with a finished attic - but I would call it a story and a half, because it has three full windows in the attic portion of the house.

As far as "character" or curb appeal goes, I would say it has none.  Good thing we bought the home, cause it's gonna get some!

I have finally decided on the colours for the exterior - and I am afraid, once again The Graumann's are going to shake things up.

My first thought was to go yellow, like we did with our sweet little home in Winnipeg.  This house originally looked much like our current home when we bought it - off-white(dirty) stucco - brown trim.... boring!  We painted it a bright yellow with white trim and it came alive!  I always wanted to give it a blue front door, but never got around to it!

I decided against a yellow house this time - our new house deserves something totally new, so new it will be.

Here are the colours I have chosen...

The stucco will be the green/grey colour, the trim the beige, and the doors the rusty red.

Because there is not much detail on the exterior of our home, I am thinking about making and adding shutters to the two picture windows on the west side and on the south sides of the house.  I won't go with the traditional style slatted shutters, but instead a more country style such as this... and they would perhaps be painted yet another contrast colour ...

Might be cute to add some window boxes as well! But I don't think I will go that far!

We will probably give the locals one more winter's grace before shocking them out of their comfort zone - Gary wants to replace eaves, downspouts and the garage roof this summer - but next spring - well I can't wait to start to WOW my house!

The honeymoon period is over - we are here to stay... watch out town!

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