Friday, July 15, 2016


I am going to be taking a bit of a break from posting for a week or so.  Our son is coming out to stay with us for a couple of weeks, so I have some things I need to concentrate on to get ready for his visit.

We haven't been able to spend a lot of time with Jon since we moved to the country, so this will be a real treat for us all.

Gary has some chores lined up that he needs Jon's help with, but we also plan to spend some of the 2 weeks touring the mountain area around here as well.

We don't want to fill all our days - Jon needs to unwind and experience the peaceful country vibe after a very hectic and stressful year, but no matter what we do or don't do - it will just be plain wonderful to spend some quality family time again.

Today is our first year anniversary of living in the country - its a day to celebrate, a day to be thankful  - but it also is the first day of my dear friend Sharon's chemo.  She would rather me be joyful than sad - that's her way - but I am sad for her anyway.  Sharon if you read this - You know how very much I love you - I wish I could pop over to sit with you while you get your first chemo treatment today.

It's also another day of treatment for little Thomas.  He is such a little trooper.  His treatments continue - he has good days and not so good days, but his blood is responding, and his results are already showing improvement.  We hope and pray that his good progress continues without him having too many of those not-so- good-days!

Thomas and Sharon remind me of one of the real reasons we now live where we do.

There are many who wonder and perhaps just don't understand why someone quits work and retires before 60, perhaps giving up a larger pension than someone who works longer.  They don't understand someone turning away from a life that they think is optimum, maybe for one they believe will be substandard due to the lack of conveniences.  These people think in terms of money and acquisitions... big vacations... things...

Life isn't about those things to me anymore - hasn't been for over 10 years.  Life is about living everyday to the fullest, in contentment, in happiness, in peace.

We weren't living that life a year ago - but we are now.  Sure we still have aggrievations - but we don't have stress.  Yes we have down days, but our down days happen when the weather is not co-operating with our want and need to be outside - not by the realization that no matter how hard we are working we just can't seem to make a difference anywhere in our lives.

Futility or the feeling of futility has no existence here.  We are not rich - but we also are no longer worried about not being rich.  We have what we need - we have enough!

Ten years ago I didn't even know if I would be here today.  Sharon and Thomas know that thought... they and those who love them would give anything to wipe that thought from their minds.  I would have given anything 10 years ago to wipe that thought from my mind.

For some reason - I was given that second chance... and the lessons I learned then have now given me this third chance.

I hope no one has to wait for the day when the thought that is running through Sharon and Thomas' minds comes -  before they have the will to live everyday to the fullest, in contentment, in happiness and in peace.

Stay well everyone - talk to you soon!

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