Thursday, July 14, 2016


It's not Repurposing Friday - but I had to do a little repurposing of my own...

I did a really stupid thing - I know - that's extremely hard to believe - but it's true!

A few months ago, I was in my move-things-around mode, and I decided to move my spinning wheel down to the family room in the basement for awhile.  I can't use it as the spindle part is being repaired so I decided that the family room would be a good place to store it until such time as it could be workable.

Instead of removing the wheel itself, I lifted the whole thing by the body, and started down the basement stairs.  About halfway down the wheel came loose and decided to make a quicker trip down the staircase by itself - bouncing merrily down every step and crashing into the cement basement wall at the bottom, before doing a fancy spin and falling to the carpet.

My heart sank as I watched it roll away from me.  When I finally caught up with the wheel, I noticed that a small part had broken when the wheel hit the wall.  In actual fact, I was pretty surprised that the whole thing didn't just fall apart.  It's an old wheel - but obviously stronger than I thought.

I found a spot in the family room and left it there - sort of out of sight, out of mind.

Yesterday I was moving my jungle of plants around in the sun room, I needed something to put a plant on by the window, and I have no spare small tables.

Then I got a repurposing brain wave!

Down I went into the basement, and up the stairs went the spinning wheel - in two parts of course.

It fits my plan perfectly in the sun room for now.

 You can see the part on the wheel at the bottom that broke in the fall.  This repair I can do myself, and I will do it, when the rest of the parts return, but for now my wheel will add a little country charm to my sun room.

This room is by far my most favourite room in the house - except for the kitchen, oh - and of course my studio!  

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