Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Monday, everyone!  I am back after a week spent mostly in Winnipeg at our son's home ( formerly our home).  It was kind of weird sleeping in my old house again, but nice all at the same time.  We were in the city for 4 days, and the time flew by.  Shopping, shopping and more shopping - which I found tiring.  I got to every place on my list, but the fabric store - that I will check out in another week or so when we go back.

We helped our son with a few chores around the house - repair kind of things, and then we all packed up and returned out here to the country.

Jonathan is enjoying spending time out here, and is relaxing and catching up on some much needed rest, but soon he and Gary will be doing some repairs to our home, so his rest will be over.

I came back to an out of control garden  - I can't believe how things grew and produced in 4 days!  The beans are ready - I picked 4 gallons the first night we were back - and froze them all - and today I think there will be another 4 gallons ready.  Tomatoes are turning red, zucchini is going crazy, carrots and beets are almost edible size, and the lettuce and spinach have gone to seed.

Last night we had fresh potatoes for supper.  I know for some, that's not a big deal - but it is the first time I have grown potatoes, so its a huge deal to me.  This was last nights supper... along with fresh farmers sausage... yum!

It looks like I will be kept busy with my garden from now on.

My garden is not the only change around here.  The Canola fields are in full bloom and haying has begun.  Everywhere you look you see round bales!

Jonathan was looking for something to do, so I handed him my SLR.  I fear I may never see it again!  I gave him some very basic instructions - the main one was to try and use the camera on full manual mode to get used to using his brain instead of the camera's brain.  
He is having a blast with it, and I think he has developed the photography hobby bug.

His pictures are really good too - I will be sharing some of them over the next days.  You will get to see what we see everyday - my new cover photo is one he took yesterday...

So for now, it's good to be back - 

We are heading into Neepawa today to do some grocery shopping, and to visit an aunt in the hospital.  A nice day for a drive in the country...

More later...

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