Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The saga of the shed - is dead!

Friday night our helpful man Kevin and his helper stopped over and moved our shed back to it's original position.

No easy task either!  I had planted a flower bed on either side of the shed, I was willing to sacrifice one side bed, but not the other.  When they started to drag the shed with a quad, it got hung up on the three wheelbarrow loads full of earth that I filled the flower bed on one side with.  It created quite a mess, and no end of frustration to all of us who were trying to do something we didn't want to do in the first place.

You can see how our privacy has vanished - for now!  We have to get the dead grass growing again, and I already dug up three shoots of the Karaganda hedge and replanted them.  The idea now is to extend the hedge and even bring it around a bit beside the driveway.  This week I will work on creating a small garden beside the shed, and I think we will move our park bench there as well.  I have to move my nicely established morning glories as well, as they no longer have anything to climb on with the shed and the trellis moved.

So more changes ahead - I didn't really need another project - but I got one anyway - guess you could say I have found some more opportunity to burn off some more of those unwanted calories!

It has been a disappointment for sure - but it's not the end of the world - and I still love it here.  A couple of whiny people will not kill my enthusiasm for living the small town life.  I have more up my sleeve for them to gripe about - but this time they will not be able to do anything about my property upgrades.  I'm learning -  one disappointment at a time!

I haven't been able to do much outside since Friday so this morning I am heading out to fix the mess.  I am going to enlarge the one little flower bed into sort of a half-moon shape, and build something for the remaining morning glories to climb on  - at least for the rest of this season.  Then I really need go and tackle the area around the shed where it sits now.

Hoping the rain will hold off for the rest of the morning so I can get something done outside.

 The next pictures will look better...

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