Monday, December 15, 2014

To Bake or Not to Bake - IS THIS THE QUESTION?

I whipped up 2 dozen of those Cranberry-Orange muffins last night - OMG  they are so good!

I haven't done any Christmas baking yet.  I keep thinking I should  - because I always have... but really - do we need all that lying in the freezer tempting us to indulge, when we know we shouldn't?

In years past my Christmas baking much resembled my Mother's Christmas baking.  I guess this is pretty normal of Mother's and Daughters.  I would make Anise cookies - which was the Swiss tradition of my Paternal grandmother and my Mom would always bake these on the eve prior to Christmas Eve... so I did too.

Mince-meat tarts... a favourite of mine and my Dad.  Mom's were the large ones, made in a large muffin tin - and so are mine!

Refrigerator Cookies - the ones with the tiny pieces of candied fruit in them.  These were the cookies that always were left over long after Christmas - I guess because they were the least appreciated.  Funny - same thing happens at my house - although I do love them.

Mom always made two kinds of fruit cake - dark and light.  Personally I love the dark one.  The white one, which also was Grandma Fischer's recipe was made mostly for my Dad.  I made the dark fruit cake for several years, but no one in my family likes it, so that left me to eat the whole thing myself... not good.  And with the price of the ingredients for fruit cake being as rich as the cake - well, it has been taken off my list altogether!

Mom never made Shortbread - but I usually do - everyone in my family loves it.  Same with Sugar cookies and ginger cookies  - they are favourites in my house.

I have tried various other cookies - date pinwheels - yeah - these weren't well received.  Anything with Coconut - not so much!  My son doesn't like nuts - so where does that leave me?

No wonder I don't have the urge to bake.

So - I have made a decision as I have been typing this - I am not going to do any Christmas baking... nope - for sure, I am not!

But I do have an idea I want to try for Dessert Christmas Day.


I saw one in a magazine recently and it looks so beautiful, simple and festive that I decided right then and there, it would be my Christmas Yum!

What could be better after a heavy meal than crumbled Red Velvet Cake layered with fresh strawberries, Raspberries, red currant jam, frozen whipped topping, maybe a few crushed candy canes for extra special holiday flavour?

Pinterest has dozens of recipes for this  - some even with chocolate added, blueberries..

What I like about this dessert is the way it can be served.  Individual servings in wine classes or crystal water goblets would be so pretty and festive.

So there you have it - my baking dilemma has been solved.  Too bad I already bought a 10 lb bag of flour, and 3 lbs of butter.

Maybe I will make some home made bread - I have Mom's recipe for that too - and it is awesome!

Happy Baking!

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