Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pray for Peace - People Everywhere!

Is Peace Possible?

Peace On Earth - Goodwill To Men.  Let There Be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me....  We hear songs like this so often at this time of year...  on the radio, TV, The Internet - in Churches, schools, workplaces... but is Peace really in our hearts?

You have to really wonder about that when you read news about terror such as what happened in Sydney, and other such happenings around the world.

Have you ever felt Peace?  I don't mean contentment, I mean true Peace. 

I have, but only once, and at a time in my life where it should have been impossible to feel it.

It was several years ago, and I was lying outside an operating theater waiting to have my breast cancer surgery.  I was scared beyond scared.  I lay there imagining every wrong thing that could happen to me in that operating room and wondering if I would ever open my eyes and be normal again.

Then my surgeon stopped at my side, and spoke quietly to me as he started to wheel my stretcher into the operating room.  I remember feeling like I was suffocating.  My heart was pounding, and I felt more than a little sick to my stomach.

The operating room staff lifted me from the stretcher to the narrow table that I was to lay on for the next 4 hours or so.  All I saw was kind eyes regarding me above green face masks... little words were spoken.

One nurse placed a leather strap across my legs, while another covered me with several heated blankets.  They were positioning my arms for the surgery - one was to be over my head and the other close by my side.  There was activity all around me, and I remember thinking that really - I wasn't ready for this at all.

And then it came.  I was lying there thinking negative thoughts, and then all of a sudden I felt Peace.  I can't explain it... it just happened.  I felt like everyone in the room had stopped moving, all was calm, warm, soft... I had no fear, no thoughts really, and I was happy.  I felt Peace... perfect Peace!  I didn't expect it -  and I have never forgotten it.

I believe in Peace, but I also believe there will never be Peace on Earth - at least not on the Earth as we know it now.  Things have to change, major things have to happen, people have to change... we all have to Believe that Peace IS possible.

Pray for Peace - People Everywhere.... Let There be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with ME!

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