Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Bloggers Perception!

I wish I knew the time of day my readers read my blog.  I often imagine the scenerio.  In my imagination it goes something like this....

You turn your computer or tablet on, then head to the kitchen to start the coffee.  There are some dishes lying around the counter and sink from someone's late night visit to the kitchen so you rinse those and put them in the dishwasher.  You wipe the counter and  - well the coffee is done.

You pour yourself a cup in your favorite mug, grab a freshly made muffin from a plate on the table ( you were up at 4: 30am  baking) and head back to the cozy little nook where your computer is waiting.

It is a beautiful bright morning, the sun is just coming over the trees, there is a cardinal sitting on the fir tree right out your window, and the air is filled with sparkly ice crystals.

But you are warm.  You have your sweats, heavy wool socks, and a blazing fire near-by.

You check your emails first - please always do that.  You never know who might have contacted you... a family member who is hurting - a friend you haven't communicated with in a long time, but really really have been missing in your life... Your Mom, Your Dad - brother or sister - neighbor!

You hit Facebook next - that's okay - I do it too.... and then you come here.

Okay - too romantic... how about this?

You turn your laptop or tablet on, only to realize the battery is dead, so you tear the house upside down for the charging cord.  You finally find it, under the dog's bed in the hallway.  You plug your device in and head for the kitchen.

You really want coffee - but you are out of filters.  Hummm somewhere on the internet you saw some genious make one out of a paper towel... must have been Pinterest or one of those places.  How hard could it be?  You rip off a piece of towel from the roll, cut an almost round circle about the right size and stuff it in the drip cup.

Your favourite cup with the chip on the top is in the dishwasher so you pull the first clean one out of the cupboard that your hand touches.  You smile... it is the cup you had made of your Son's visit with Santa in 1992.  What a sweet child he was - sigh - he looks so cute on this picture - sigh - where has the time gone?

You wipe a tear from your eye as the memories flood your heart.  So much has happened in your life since this cup came to be...
The coffee is ready - the home made filter worked just fine - good to know...  Surely by now there must be enough battery to boot up, so you unplug your laptop and with coffee in one hand and the laptop under your arm you head for your lazyboy rocker-recliner!

You get halfway there and you run into the dog.  She wants out.  You set the laptop on the piano, and the coffee on the pony- wall and head to the back door - dog in tow.

Geeze it's cold out there, you think as you scrape the frost off the window on the outside door.  What is taking her so long out there anyway?  You open the door look down the yard and yes -there she is in position - you close the door so not to let too much cold air in and wrap your arms around your body clad only in your summer pjammas.

That done you walk through the kitchen and think you really should clean up the dishes in the sink first, but the laptop is waiting, the coffee is getting cold, and you really want to see if there has been any response to your FB post the night before.

You log on - and head to FB first.... not much happening - same posts as last night before you went to bed.  You check Pinterest - not much new there either, although if you took the time to type something in the search box, you know you would be lost for hours.  You check your emails - nothing there either, except a newsletter from Annie's Attic.  You open it, and see a couple of cute projects that perhaps you might be interested in trying.

You head to erndalesnmore to read Dale's blog.... there she goes blabbing on an on about dolls again... Gee I wish she would get some new material...

How is that for accuracy?

However you make your way here, I just want you to know that I am so very thankful you do.  Please stop by whenever you can.  Become a follower of my blog, leave a comment, let me know you are here... I'd really love to hear from you.

Oh and there is a really good Cranberry Orange muffin recipie in my list to the left of this page - Make a batch to go along with tomorrow morning's coffee and blog...  we are going to be going on a tour of the rest of the Christmas Marx tin Litho House...

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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