Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chrismtas Marx Tin Litho tour - the rest!

Are you ready to tour the rest of the Marx house?  Hope you have your coffee and Orange-Cranberry muffin close at hand.

The first room I will show you today is the kitchen.  I actually have done the least here of all the rooms.  I would eventually like to add some accent pieces here like shelves or maybe even cupboards.  A really nice cluttered kitchen is what I aim to do, but for now it is simply a plain little room.  There is a sheet of cookies fresh out of the oven sitting on the top of the stove, but don't think that is visible in this picture.  The light hanging down from the ceiling is actually a LED light that really works... I bought it at Toad Hall( a great independent toy store) here in Winnipeg.  Oh and that's a little kitten lying on the rug...

Next is the master bedroom.  This room was missing a wall like I said in my other post.  I made the bed from cardboard, foam and material.   It actually is much larger than a bed from the era of this home would have been - but I decided that  King sized bed would be in order for this room, mainly because I had very little furniture to fill the room.  The lady of the house is a quilter, so her  machine is ready for use, and she has decorated her mantle with boughs of holly just as you will see in the living room below.
The little red easy chair is actually the only original "Marx Furniture" piece I have.  I bought it for a couple of dollars at the Miniature show and sale here in October.  I find this bedroom, restive, and peaceful... a good place to have a nap!

I have saved the last room for the end of the tour, because it is the best.  I wanted a lighted tree for this room - this was always my focus.   Years ago I had decorated a tiny tree with decorations that would have fit perfectly in this room, but when I began searching my inventory for it, all I found were the decorations that at one time were glued on the tree.  So the search for the right tree began.  Every little tree I saw was either too large or not the shape or colour I wanted.  Until one morning a co-worker brought in a dollar store ornament to work.  It was an oval base with three glittery threes attached to it.  On top of each tree was a star.  I knew the moment I saw it that the smallest tree would be perfect for my house, so to the dollar store I went.  In the end I went to many dollar stores and all they had left of this particular ornament were red, silver and gold versions of the green one I really wanted.
In the meantime I had been to Michael's and found the tiniest set of LED tree lights that really worked.  I had the word out to everyone I knew to keep an eye out for the green trees decoration, and just last week it was delivered to my desk by the same co-worker who had pretty much spent her entire weekend hunting down my little green trees.
I was in business!  I decorated the tree and lit it up - and wow - I even managed to impress myself!
I got busy and made the sofa, and afghan, wrapped some presents for under the tree, decorated the mantle and hung the stockings.  I added a little roll-top desk for writing those Christmas Cards and another LED floor lamp that will be much more functional once the tree is no longer in the room.  Next year I think I will decorate the stair case as well!

My future ideas for this room include a coffee table, end tables and perhaps a couple of wing chairs.  Maybe even a shelf of books, or a television... All of which I hope to make myself over the winter months.

The only area left to show you is the roof-top patio.  I imagine this area will look very different in the summer - perhaps a picnic table, an outdoor swing, some loungers, some potted plants a BBQ, but at the moment it is where the children go to have some fun in the snow. The little reindeer I bought at Target, he was in the ornaments just sitting there looking so cute.  I made the snowman from some of the snow that is all over the house... remember this house is in Winnipeg - and at the moment it has more snow than we have on the ground!

Oh - and not to be forgotten.... Santa has just arrived!

You might wonder where the family is?  I wonder that as well - perhaps they went to Aunt Bessie's in Florida for the Christmas Vacation... Yeah, that's it - definitely!

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

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