Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Publish That!

Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I have been under the weather since Saturday.  For some reason every year around this time, flu shot or not, I get this sinus thing that sets me on my keester, for a few days.  I had so much planned for the weekend, and for this short week, but it's turning out to be a bust from start to finish.

Oh well - it was a short work week to start with (Friday Nov 11th being a holiday0, and it got very much shorter with 2 sick days unexpectedly thrown in there as well. 

So with foggy brain, here I be to natter to you about what?  I have completely forgotten my train of thought of last week... which tells me I should write my ideas down when I get them.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Reiman Publishing.  Months and months ago I was contacted by them asking permission to publish one of my poems in their Country Woman Christmas 2011 edition.  Of course I said yes, and that was that.  I was told that there would be some changes made to my poem (this is common with publishers) and I would receive a free copy of the hardcover edition as my payment.  Okay to that too.

I hadn't received my book by October so I checked back to the original email and discovered I was to receive the edition sometime in July - so off went another email reminding them of our agreement.

The book arrived yesterday, and it is quite a nice book full of recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, a few stories and 2 poems.  I skipped right past mine the first time, because I was looking for The title of my poem.  "Christmas Is"... they renamed the poem, and pretty much left out the first half of the piece.  It kind of makes me wonder why they would publish it at all... could someone (an editor) not have just come up with a few stanzas and publish that?

Apparently not!

So although the book is nice - don't rush right out there and buy it on my behalf...

Just another reason why I hesitate to publish my work...

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