Thursday, November 10, 2011

Got Eggs?

I found these pictures that I meant to share in my Those Were The Days series.  They are of an iron lung I made from a double-yolked goose egg a very long time ago.

The picture's aren't great but you can see the detail I was able to duplicate in my "Egg lung".

Here is yet again, another craft my Mom and I used to do together.  To make a very long story short, my Aunt Margaret (the Martha Stewart before there was a Martha Stewart) introduced us to Eggery way back in the 1970's.  Mom and I started with pretty much making Christmas tree ornaments from ordinary chicken eggs to creating all kinds of bejeweled wonders from every egg imaginable.  Along with our dear friend Dianne, who owned a local craft shop here in Winnipeg - we formed the "WinnipEggers"... a local group of women who loved to meet on a regular basis and do eggery together.

If you have never seen a Christmas Tree decorated with eggs - you have missed something quite special.  Every year my tree has close to 100 Christmas Eggs of various sizes and types on my tree.  Some are pretty fragile after all the years, and sadly some have even broken over the years, but I still prefer them to bought ornaments because each egg holds (for me) a very special memory of time spent with Mom.

It's hard to see the eggs, but this is one of my trees filled with my handmade eggs and crochet pieces.

A close-up of one of the goose egg ornaments.

And the best "Egger" I know is still my Aunt Margaret, who at 92 is still creating beautiful pieces using not only Chicken and Goose eggs, but also Rhea and Ostrich eggs.

Yes, those 2 teapots are eggs.  The one on the left has a garden scene where a girl sits on a swing that actually moves.  The one on the right has a scene of another tea set - you got it - made from tiny eggs.

Now is the perfect time to do"eggery".  To begin with baking season is right around the corner, so the egg's contents will not be wasted.  Secondly a decorated egg makes a lovely gift for a hostess or friend or neighbour - guaranteed they won't have one of those already hanging on their tree.

Even a simple chicken egg can become a beautiful addition to any one's tree, and it is a craft that even children can learn to do on a cold weekend before Christmas.

I'll be posting how-to's in the upcoming weeks... If you are curious, join us as we carry on the tradition of the original "WinnipEggers"!

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