Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Is anyone else getting the feeling that time is speeding away a little quicker than usual these days?  I feel like I am peddling uphill in a heavy wind - and pretty much getting nowhere!

Could be I am trying to do too many things at one time again - but that's okay - it's how I like to work... in confusion!

One of my projects will be able to be completed now.  Gary and I have a new great-niece, born on Friday.  Ava Payton arrived on her due date, and both mom and babe are doing well. Now I can complete the blanket I have started for Ava - I actually have enough squares made to start sewing it together so I'll be doing that tonight.

My youngest brother has been on the hunt for a peanut cookie recipe.  Mom used to make these cookies when we were kids, and I remember them as being a cookie with whole peanuts in but no peanut butter.  A couple of weeks ago, my brother had the week off, and on one of his days off he decided to try and duplicate the cookie.  He tried using the batter of a choc chip cookie, but it was not the same.

In the meantime - I found a couple of salted peanut recipes on the net, so last night I tried one... and was pretty much disappointed... not the same as Mom's.

I have a suspicion that she was making some cookies one time, using some unknown- to- us- batter and ran out of ingredients and threw in some peanuts.  She modified so many recipes this way - and in my opinion, improved them with her additions...

So the peanut cookie caper continues.

Another project in limbo is my snow-head man.  If you could have seem me last Friday evening outside in the dark, trying to roll a snow ball in snow that was not in the least sticky - well... I'm sure you would have had a really good chuckle.

Seems to me this was quite easy to do when I was a kid.  We made big snow balls all the time - and the snow here has almost always been the same... not sticky snow - just snow!  It is very embarrassing to have a body sitting on my steps that has no head... people are going to start to wonder what type of person lives in the little yellow house on the corner!

The temps are rising and the snow is supposed to melt.  Plan B is to get out there and roll the ball while the snow is "Sticky" and if I have to, I'll take it down and put it in the freezer until it gets colder again... yes I am that determined to have a snow man sitting on my steps this winter...

Okay - I know..... you can send the little white wagon for me, any time now.....

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