Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old dogs!

It is pretty cold out there this morning.  The old north wind is blowing pretty hard, so I bundled up extra warm for my bus trek to work this am.  I was still kind of cold when I stood out at the stop waiting for the bus, but once I got on it, and settled my wide rear into the seat I was toasty warm. 

I think I felt somewhat like what a child in a snowsuit must feel like.  I had my parka zipped to my nose - my wool gloves (real ones from New Zealand) on my hands, and my ipod was playing a Christmas Harp album.  The bus was crowded and very warm and lumbered along in the dark morning and yup - I fell asleep.  Good God, I hope I didn't snore.. or slobber!!!

The next thing I know some kindly old gal who volunteers at our hospital was pulling at my sleeve, asking me if I was getting off at the regular stop.  I almost swatted her - that's how comfortable and cozy I was!  The bus stopped and I sprang off the bench seat and almost tripped in my haste to leave the bus... talk about embarrassing moments!

How on earth will I get on that same bus with those same people again tomorrow???

Then as I was walking into office I had a thought - (my mind had finally awakened).  I must be comfortable with riding the bus now!  Well I'll be!!  Never thought the day would come when I could say such a thing, but I do believe it's true....

See.... you can teach an old dog, new tricks!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I so enjoy reading all your posts on here. I have been busy the last couple of weeks and haven't got here but I have now read through them all. Wonderful reading.