Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Reading

Have you ever spent time in the Christmas section of your local library?  It it one of the best places (for me) to waste time, dream, plot, and plan... and yeah - waste time! 

I go to 2 local libraries regularly, and they both have a bunch of wonderful things in the Christmas section.

On Saturday I stopped in to return some doll clothes books I had renewed 5 times, and couldn't renew again.  They were overdue by 1 day so I had to pay my .80 fine as well.  While I was there I decided to see if there was anything new in the Christmas section... hubby was right on my heels.

I wasn't disappointed.  There were several new Christmas editions of craft magazines, cooking magazines and decorating magazines.  Lots of new Christmas CDs - which hubby grabbed and wouldn't let go of - and many new Christmas novels and books.

I so wanted to take out a stack of stuff... a little of each  - but darn it all - I have only 3 weeks till my sale, and I really can't afford to get side-tracked.  Still - I did snatch a few of the magazines - those I can thumb through quickly without actually reading!!!

I did find some post sale reading material which I fully intend to pick up the day after the sale - I can't wait!

Here are some terrific "Christmas reads".

If you have a library close by and wish to read something in season, check out these great reads.

THE CHRISTMAS BOX.  by Richard Paul Evans.  This tiny first novel from Richard is a quick read, but worth the effort in every way.

THE GIFT by Richard Paul Evans  This one, a more popular novel is centered around a man who witness a series of miracles performed by a terminally ill boy... it is filled with lessons in love, giving and forgiveness... have your box of tissues handy, if you intend to read this one.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL CHRISTMAS by Jack Canfield. - like all the Chicken Soup books, this one focuses on genuine stories - this time of hope and kindness and the true meaning of Christmas.

This is a must  read for anyone who loves the Christmas Season... it is full of hilarious events, history and magic - and if you don't believe in Santa by the end of this book... well then there is no hope for you....

Jeff Guinn has also written  HOW MRS. CLAUS SAVED CHRISTMAS and THE GREAT SANTA SEARCH.  I have not yet read these - but they are on my post-sale list of reading for this Christmas season.

So there you have some inspiration for the Christmas Season... hope you get the chance to do some reading in the coming weeks.

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