Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Thinking

How can time be flying by so quickly?  Here we are into the second week of November already, and my brain is still thinking it's September.  I think I will blame the lovely weather - fall has extended itself way beyond what is normal for us for this time of year, and while everyone truly is enjoying the warm temperatures and the absence of snow - folks like me, who rely on the "normal" progression of fall to winter are procrastinating big time.

I happened to be in one of the larger shopping malls on the weekend, and it was wall to wall people.  I kept thinking, "Why are all these people here?"  Well I guess they would be Christmas Shopping already?  Keeners!!!

I am thinking about Christmas - well sort of - I'm thinking about my Christmas Sale - and I'm thinking about how to rearrange my living room so I can put up my tree - eventually  - I'm even thinking about decorating the outside of the house with lights and such - but that is pretty much the extent of my Christmas "Thinking"!

So as nice as it's been - we now need some cooler temps, and a little skiff of snow.... then my brain can get in the right gear for Christmas Thinking!

On a totally different subject...

I need to share something wonderful, heartwarming and just plain awesome with you.  This came to me this morning, and I know you are going to enjoy it.

The little girl in this video, is spectacular...

Give this a listen - you will be in awe of this little 5 yr old.

Stay Calm Dad

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