Saturday, April 24, 2010

Water water everywhere...

I am a crier. Ask anyone who knows me well. My tears spring forth with little effort on my part.. sort of like a fawcet that's missing a washer.

So this morning when we were headed out the door and Molly(my dog) started whining, and my son sat there with his eyes large and fixed on me... well needless to say the flood began. I don't know who cried harder, Molly or me, but you get the picture!

And so the day began. We set off out of the city at 7:45am, and an hour later we reached the Canadian/American border at Emerson.

Twenty three years ago, the border consisted of a little building with 1 gate. Now it's a small city! Well not really, but it is large and imposing structure with 6 gates and guards and officers everywhere you look. It must have been payday yesterday for Manitobans' because there had to be 75-100 cars, trucks, vans, sitting idling, waiting to go through customs. I imagine GrandForks and Fargo ND have been infiltrated with money spending Canadians looking for sales and bargains this weekend.
The line we were in turned out to be the fastest, we were though the gate in 20 minutes. The officer who questioned us had a colourful shiner under his left eye. All business and serious-like he confiscated my Florida oranges, but kindly let me keep my BC apples! If you can figure that one, please let me know!

Two oranges short and a sigh of relief we were off.

The weather was cool and cloudy and soon we were driving in heavy rain and gusty winds. I still struggle with the wipers on the van - I hate where the little turn on button is, so as I was trying to drive the speed limit (75mph) in the wind and rain, I pushed what I thought was the wiper button, twice, or maybe even 3 times, because darn it all nothing was happening, and all of a sudden the gas pedal left my foot.
OMG! If we'd had wings we would have been air-borne! Yeah a little panic attack and some yelling, and it was all good.

7 hours later we arrived at our overnight stay in Rogers Minnesota. It's still raining and the wind is howling, but we are safe and cozy in our suite, the Jacuzzi is filling with water, and we are going to relax. Tomorrow we head for Janesville Wisconsin. Sure hope the sun is shinning there.

night, night.....

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