Thursday, April 29, 2010

An artist's dream

Yesterday we visited our nephew who is an inspiring young artist. He and his wife and little son live on the North side of Chicago in a beautiful older neighbourhood about 4 miles from the lake. To get there we spent a lot of time, sitting on the freeway in rush hour traffic...
they must have been expecting me because they erected all this signage just for me.

Mike and his wife bought their home a couple of years ago, gutted it, took the roof off, and literally re-built it from the floor up. It is a family home, studio and art gallery all rolled into one.

Michael paints and teaches fine arts. His work is amazing. You can check him out at his website believe me, you will be impressed.

Michael has been drawing and painting since he was a little boy, it's great to realize that his passion for art and his dedication to it has and still gives him so much pleasure. But as impressive as the artist is, below all that is still the young nephew we have always loved.

Mike and his wife have a little powerhouse in their lives who is a miracle all of his own. Their son, Brayden, who turns 4 yrs old today - was born 11 weeks prematurely, and for quite a long time it was not known if he would survive. Survive he did, in fact after some time and thanks to two dedicated parents he thrived. He's an adorable, smart, healthy 4 yr old who kept us entertained with his energy for most of the evening.

Thank you Mike, Laura and Brayden for a lovely evening, and a delicious meal of real "Chicago" pizza (eat your heart my dear friend John S ) and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Today we are taking Chinese food to the nursing home (Mom's favorite) and if the wind settles down hopefully we can eat our lunch outside in the lovely little court yard.

And I have followers happening... thanks everyone!

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