Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here there and everywhere

Well it's been several days since I've been in touch. It's been an interesting time, to be sure. The trip from Minneapolis to Janesville was a nail biter. We travelled the whole time in a wind and rain storm. It was not the nicest journey, we missed seeing all the nice rolling hills of Wisconsin because we pretty much could see nothing for the driving rain.

But it was so worth it just to see the smile on my 92 yr old Aunt's face when we arrived. She was delighted to see us, and we spent all day Monday traipsing around Janesville, trying to wear her out. In the end it was I who needed the nap, while she caught up with her correspondence and made supper. There will be a lot about her in later posts, along with some pretty neat pictures, but for now suffice to say - what an incredible woman she is.

This morning we set out for Chicago at 9am. The first part of the drive went well and the last hour, well let's just say that it sort of brought out the worst in me. Poor hubby... my meltdown was pretty intense (while I drove) and it even included tears... but again, once we arrived at our destination - all was forgotten.

Kinda reminds on of childbirth!! Horrible while it's happening, but once you see the end result, all's forgotten.

The main reason of this whole trip was to see hubby's very ill and failing mother. We spent all afternoon with Mom, and while it was heart breaking to see how far she has declined, she reminded us time and time again with her wit and humour why God has given her to us, and us to her. We had a lovely day with her, and look forward to another such day tomorrow.

I promise to get the camera out and start getting some pictures, tomorrow night we head to the north side of Chicago for dinner at a nephews. I don't have to drive!! Oh joy of all joys!

On a side note: can't help noticing that I only have 1 follower... what's with that, I wonder?

More tomorrow...

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