Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New beginnings

I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog for quite some time. Thanks to some wonderful on-line friends encouragement, I finally decided to give it a go.

I hope be able to share some of my writing, some crafting and some of my everyday life with my followers. Hopefully you will find something interesting to read; something pleasing to look at or maybe just some inspiration, as I have found on so many other blogs.

So here we go... blog #1

In 3 days time my hubby and I are leaving for a vacation for a couple of weeks. We are heading down to Chicago to see his elderly mother, as well as his sister and her family. It's been 23 years since we have been to Chicago, so we are expecting to see a lot of change.

We don't travel much - our last trip was 4 yrs ago, when we went to Dawson City Yukon. That can be a whole other post for another time.

This trip will be very different for us in so many ways. First, it will be the first trip we are taking without bringing our son along, it will seem strange to not hear his comments from the back seat. Secondly, and sadly, I will have to be the one doing ALL the driving this time around as hubby has developed some serious eye trouble, and cannot drive at present.

My first thought is YIKES; can I do it? Can I get us through Minneapolis/St. Paul and worse yet the toll road into Chicago in one piece? Well heck yeah... I think I can. But just to be on the safe side we went out and purchased a GPS and a cell phone!

So bright and early Saturday morning we will head to the US border crossing with mainly empty suitcases. The Canadian dollar is pretty good, so hopefully we can inject some money into our good neighbour's economy and bring back suitcases filled with essentials like clothes, shoes, sheets, towels and quite possibly some non-essentials like garden gizmos, cd's, Wii games. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I need to visit some craft stores... well no surprise there... I'm on the hunt for ceramic angel heads; crochet cottons; yarn, and oh whatever else strikes my fancy. But I really have to find those heads, without them my angel business is not going to fly. Sorry, bad joke.

So stay tuned as we get ready to roll. I'm taking you on a journey Dale-style.

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