Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Looking To The Future!

I mentioned in my post the other day that I have been thinking about retiring.   In actual fact my retirement plans change weekly.  What I would really love to do is cut back to part-time hours in the fall and work that for a couple more years - I even approached my employer about this and it was nixed almost immediately by the union.  So although this is what I would prefer - that idea was scrapped - for now.

Then a friend of mine approached me with a job offer, doing something I would really love - but that job is only in the planning stages, and would  not be available (if at all) until sometime next year.  That position would offer me flexibility, in that I could possibly still work part-time at a facility and work the rest of the time at home... Perfect - Just what I want - but at this time... somewhat too far away to bank on.

Then there is my present job.  Work-wise - I can deal with it... everything else wise - it is killing me.  I have applied for a few other positions but so far nothing.

So - where does this all leave me?

Determined to get my on-line business up and running and fully functioning before fall.  I have dabbled at it in the past, but working full-time and all my other commitments have always come between me and success... at least on that level.  Now my focus is on the time when I will no longer be working full-time - and this focus has been elevated to the top of the list, and not somewhere in the middle like it has always been before.

I already have started gathering my inventory... I am going to be selling Vintage and handmade and cater to the young mothers out there -  my other focus group will be doll and toy collectors, and thirdly I will be working on writing my own patterns on items I have created over the years, and selling my patterns online.  Somewhere in the mix I will be continuing to write my stories, and just maybe getting a few more published. 

Doesn't sound like much of a retirement to some - but I have waited all my life to be able to have the time to do the things I love to do - I think that time will be upon me before I am ready.

I am excited about the idea of spending my time thinking for my own benefit instead of thinking for my employer's benefit.  I have worked full-time for 40 yrs - time to switch it up, don't you think?

First up - where online to sell?

To be continued!

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