Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dollie Heaven and Angel Dresses.

Tonight I hope to be going to see a friend about a couple of dolls and four boxes of doll clothes.  I have been looking forward to this all week.

This is the friend who is closing down her doll museum and selling off a lot of her collection.  I feel somewhat like a child at Christmas most times I see her.  She emails me with dolls she is selling and gives me first dibs on the ones she knows I am looking for.  

A couple of years ago I bought 2 large lots of dolls from her.  In those lots, were quite a few dolls just like the ones I have from my childhood - 50's rubber or vinyl dolls.  I still have all mine, and now I have a lot of hers too.  She also sold me some older ones from the 40's.  I love these girls.  They have such beautiful faces, gorgeous eyes and to me they are exquisite!

These are the dolls I am picking up tonight - 2 more 50's vinyl dolls. 
The little one looks so much like my Aunt Isabel when she was younger that I have already named her Isabel.

The larger baby doll is something I have been looking for because I need a life-sized doll to be a model for baby clothes and hats I am going to be making and selling for my shop.  I think this big girl will be perfect for that purpose.

I am also picking up 4 more boxes of doll clothes.  The last 2 that I got from her were filled with vintage clothes from the 40's 50's and 60's.  There were gorgeous Christening gowns, dresses, socks, stockings, slips, one bonnet, and all were in wonderful shape, clean and mildew-free.

I am excited to see what the new boxes will have in them.

I still have many dolls of my own that I want to re-dress, but I also plan to share some of the dresses with other dolly friends, and I might sell some in my shop as well.

This is the results of the last 2 boxes of clothes...

Amazing stuff for someone like me...

So if you don't see a post from me tomorrow - you will know why - I am busy having a blast of fun, going through my boxes of clothes and goodies, and dressing dollies..

Till next time.....

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