Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I thought today I would share some of the great ideas and links I have stumbled upon over the past few weeks.

If you are into gardening - or even thinking about it this year, I have found some things that just might help you on your way.

If you are like me, you would love to have well composted materials in your garden - the benefit to your garden as a whole is pretty amazing.  BUT - I don't have room for a large composter on my property, nor do I want to wait the whole season to be able to use my compost.

So Voila - Compost in a tote!  I am going to try this one, as I can do it on my small patio, and no one will know, but me...


Need a watch dog in your garden?  How about this fella?  Can you imagine being this talented and creating this great sculpture?  I think this is pretty amazing!


And last but not at all least - here is a great way to water potted flowers and vegetables without having to drag the hose out everyday.


Here is my seedling farm in my sun room... some stuff is up, some not, but I have to admit - I am really looking forward to getting this stuff off my bureau and outside into the yard.

Happy Gardening Everyone!

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