Monday, February 27, 2012

What A Nice Weekend!

Well that weekend sure went by awfully quickly.  We had a kind of stormy weekend - some snow, some wind, but not at all what was predicted.

It was the first Saturday in a long time that I didn't have to get up and rush right out the door, so I procrastinated as long as I could before really getting the weekend underway.  I did manage to get some house cleaning done (Yuk) and I worked on my second prayer shawl (Yeah) and best of all I finished our income tax preparation to the point where it just needs a quick review and it can be sent away (Yes)!

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit my cat kids next door and hear about my neighbours trip to NZ.  The cats were very happy to see me - Katie headed straight to the bathroom, thinking I came there to feed her, and Sparky just wanted lots and lots of pets and smooches.


It was great visiting with them again, and really great hearing all about NZ.  Then it was home for a supper of homemade pizza, and a quiet restful evening.

All in all it was the perfect weekend - but I must admit, I was sort of hoping for a major blizzard with enough snow to be home bound for a day or two.

Ah well - we can't always have everything we desire!

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