Friday, February 24, 2012

Gardening season is around the corner...

My brother and I were talking on the phone the other day about gardening - in particular how and what we are going to do with our gardens this gardening season.

I hung up the phone and went in search of my seed catalogue.  I used to always start a lot of my annuals by seed myself, it was something I looked forward to doing every year, but for some reason I stopped doing this and started buying my plants every year.

This year I am inspired to take up growing my own bedding plants again, and my brother shared the same sentiment, so we pretty much decided we would start some seeds SOON!.

While I was looking after my neighbours home I was even more inspired because she has a growing area set up in her basement.  She has a huge table, a growing light, and every imaginable type of soil, and mix available.  She also has about 30 very nice Geranium plants that she started from seed last year which she cut back and restarted sometime in this winter.  Some are ready for big pots, and if they are anything like last years variety, they will be gorgeous come summer.  She also has about 30 margarine containers with empty toilet paper rolls sticking out of them.  Each roll has soil in it, and now that she is home, I'll bet the seeds will be put in the soil to start her annuals.

She did this last year too.  What a great idea.  Instead of buying plugs to start her seeds she made her own bio-degradable plugs from toilet paper rolls!  I decided this was the way to go, so I now have a Walmart bag full of rolls, and a stack of clean used margarine tubs!

This weekend I'm getting out all my saved dead-heads from things I really liked last year and I'm going to start some of my 2012 garden indoors.  What a great thing to do on a blustery February weekend.

If you need some gardening inspiration here is a wonderful site, and if you are a Lily lover as I am, you will bookmark this site for sure.  I have been to this place and it is something to behold  - especially in July!  Check it out...

I thought I'd let you know how Molly is coming along.  We returned to the vet a couple of weeks ago,  and he was very pleased with her progress.  We discussed her treatment and decided that the antibiotics were working, but method of administration really wasn't (for me).  So instead of me having to wrestle the poor dog to the ground and pretty much shoving the pill down her throat twice a day, we opted for the more expensive but least taxing remedy of one needle (to Molly) containing two weeks worth of antibiotics.

What a different dog she is.  She rarely licks or chews herself; the fur is growing back on the two very large bare spots, and she is happy.  She has renewed interest in her rawhide bones, her squeak toys and pestering for food and walks.  She even has taken interest in the squirrels in the trees outside and the large crow that sits on the fence and taunts her every time she is out in the yard.

We are returning to the vet in March had hopefully we will be able to work out a long-term plan for her.

Happy weekend everyone!

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