Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special Olympics Start Today!

Today is the official opening of the 2012 Special Winter Olympics in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.  It is the day that so many special young athletes have worked so hard for during the past year, it is the start of a week of activities where they get to show us all just how special they really are.

My girlfriend is leaving for the games today.  She is going to watch the games, but also to support and cheer on our friend's daughter who is competing with the Snowshoe team from Manitoba.  Good luck Sara,  we are so proud of you and your teammates.  Enjoy yourself this week, and no matter if you win or loose, you all are winners to those of us who are cheering you on from home!

I gave my girlfriend an assignment.  I deemed her my correspondent to the Olympics.  She is to find a athlete wearing one of my scarves and get a picture so I can post it on my blog.  My scarves might be easy to spot because I embroidered little red maple leaves on the ends of all four of them.  I forgot to tell her she must also ask permission to for me to post the picture here... I know you will read this Denise...
I'll pay you later, GF!  Have a wonderful vacation, I'll miss you!

On a totally different subject - yesterday I saw my surgeon for my 6 month checkup and mammogram results.  When you have had breast cancer you are followed by your surgeon every 6 months and your oncologist every 3 months.  Five years later, you'd think I would be used to the routine, but every time I sit in his office in my little paper gown, I get a feeling of DeJaVu.  I imagine, I will always feel this way, after all there are no guarantees that my cancer will not return - but I am happy to say that as of right this minute, all is fine.

So thank you Dr. Momoh - for all your excellent care, your kindness, and dedication to your patients.

Which leads me to another relevant story - A year or so ago I was surfing the net and ran across a pattern for a knitted breast.  I have not had reconstructive surgery so I wear a prosthesis, which is pretty much the most uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced.  This knitted "Boobie" intrigued me, so I made one.  The pattern was fairly simple and adjustable to cup size, and when finished was the perfect boob.  Yesterday at the doctor's office I had it lying on top of my t-shirt when I undressed for my examination and my surgeon noticed it.  He asked to see it and was blown away at how perfect it was.  He called it "Beautiful", and although I had not looked at it quite this way, perhaps he is right.

Breast prosthesis can be very costly and very hard to get used to wearing.  A lot of women I know give up entirely.  So this is for those who have given up on the regular prosthesis.  If you have had or know someone who has had a mastectomy and is struggling with their prosthesis direct them to this wonderful pattern.  They will thank you for doing so.


Happy knitting!

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