Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh where oh where has Dale been?

Okay, so I have not really been a very effective blogger as of late.  In the process I have probably lost most of my readers, and this is totally my own fault.  For any of you who have faithfully checked in from time to time; thank you, and I'm sorry I have not been here for you.

It has been a crazy month for me.  My neighbours have been gone for over a month, and I have been looking after their home and their two cats.  If you have followed me for a couple of years you might have remembered my poems about Sparky and Katie.  Sparky is pretty old, and very slow, and just a wee bit dotty I'm thinking.  But he really bonded with me this time around.  Katie is not the goofy kitten she used to be, but having said that she still has more spunk than she ought to.  So it was a challenge keeping these two happy and fed twice a day as well as working full time, attending my commitments at church, and maintaining my own home, family and critters.

I had to drop several of my daily activities, and sadly ErndalesnMore was one of those activities that suffered.

But I am back now, and hopefully I will be able to build my site back to where it was going several months ago.

I have been trying to keep my fingers busy and I actually did manage to complete a few projects.

I finished my first prayer shawl for our Prayer Shawl Ministry at Church.  After a few tries at a crochet shawl (which I just was not pleased with) I scrapped the whole thing and decided to knit my shawl.  It turned out much nicer, and just this past Sunday was blessed, and will be given this week to someone who is being visited by our Pastoral Care team.

I also was very lucky to find a lady who was selling some vintage dolls that I have been wanting to add to my collection for some time.  I was excited to finally find a Tressy doll.  She was the first fashion doll (1963) who had hair that grew.  I had one of these dolls when I was about 10.  She was the most sought after doll at that time.  She had a button on her tummy that you pushed as you pulled on her pony tail and the pony tail grew to almost the full length of the doll.  She also had a little key that was inserted in the back of the doll that when turned, wound the hair back in to the head of the doll. 

My doll was long gone, but the little tiny key has remained in my jewelry box all these years.  One has to wonder why I never threw that key away.  I believe it was because one day I was meant to have a Tressy doll once again and not because I am a "hoarder"!  I dislike that term - I mean "Collector"!

When I contacted the lady who was selling the doll, she apologized for not having the key.  I told her I had the key, but not the doll, and we had a good chuckle at how simple the solution really was.

My wonderful husband's Valentine gift to me was my Tressy doll ( and 2 others).

If you don't remember Tressy perhaps this will jog your memory.

More about the dolls tomorrow...

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