Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How about a challenge?

Build a Pumpkin- Head- Man 101 - sort of like build- a- bear!

Come along with me and take the challenge!   Build your own pumpkin- head man for your front step, send me a picture of your finished product, and the best entry (to be judged by my neighbour Gordon - he's a structural engineer ) will win a prize.

I'm thinking the prize will be either a small "fall angel" or a "pumpkin head bear" - It will take you some time to gather your leaves depending on your location.  Our leaves are turning and falling pretty good, but if you live further south this might not be the case quite yet.  When I have decided and made the prize I will post it here... soon.

Pictures should be received by October 20th and I will announce the winner on October 31st.

Supplies for the challenge:
1pair of men's jeans or pants - your choice of colour/material and condition.
1 long sleeved man's shirt - your choice of colour/material and condition.
Small ball of strong string or yarn - colour of your choice.
Foot attire - socks/boots/sneakers/   - your choice... get creative.
Pumpkin with a face drawn on for the head.
Hat or cap of some type.

Some hints:

Start at the bottom of the pants and tie your string securely around the ankle of the pants.  Stuff the pants with leaves (I use bags of leaves as you can position the body better with the leaves in bags). Insert a couple of heavy rocks in the butt of the pants so your man sits firmly.

When you have stuffed the pants to the waist... move to the shirt.  Tie the wrists and stuff the shirt as tightly as you can.  It helps if you can insert a flat rock or a small board just under the shirt at the neck for the pumpkin to sit on.  You don't want the board or rock to be noticeable however....

Insert the shirt into the waist of the pants and tie a string around the waist to secure the shirt in pants.

Draw or paint your face and set the head on the neck of the body, add the hat.

You can embellish your guy with flowers, straw - whatever you want... jazz him up a bit, and don't forget to set the legs into his shoes.  Pose him however you want.... and watch your visitors and passers- by enjoy him all fall long.

If you live where the leaves don't leave the trees you can use whatever you can find to stuff your man's body.

You may make a pumpkin child if you so choose.

Happy building everyone!

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