Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I belong to many forums on the Internet.  One of my favorite spots to spend time is the forums on Craftbuddy.com.

This site has been around for awhile, people have come and go - but there remains some faithful friends and yes most are crafters of something or other, some even have craft-based business - but first they are "friends".

As time goes on we tend to spend less and less time talking about our crafts - and more and more about our lives.  Some of us have been through a lot of lifes ups and downs together - we have weathered hard times, sickness together - and we have rejoiced together in happy times.  These folks are the best of the best, and they have come to mean a great deal to me.... more than I can say.

Because we are trying to lure newbies to our forum and trying to inject more crafting to the site we all have been thinking of new posts and topics to draw folks to our threads.

One gal did a couple of season-related posts - one was what was your one special memory of summer just past, and the other was what do you like most about fall.

Because I moderate the "writer" thread in the site and have been very neglectful of my duties there, I penned my response in a poem for my Craftbuddy friends.

Maybe you would enjoy it to - so here it is....


When summer’s done
The days grow short
And evenings seem to crawl.

As sure as God above
We’ve reached the season
We call fall.

Colours bold
Orange, red and gold
Paint every tree in sight.

Harvest moon
Not seen in June
Helps light our path at night.

The bite of frost
Now nips the air
Winter’s coming near.

Pumpkin Pie
And apple crisp
Fall’s tastes and scents so pure.

Geese in flight
So long, dear ones
Take care till spring’s return.

Farmer’s fields
Devoid of crop
Are ready to be burned.

Thanksgiving meal
Some family time
So much to give thanks for.

A home so warm
As evening draws
A leaf wreath on the door.

As winter comes
And shows its beard
Fall slowly slips away.

It will be back
Same time next year
I can’t wait for that day!

2011  Dale Graumann

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