Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching Up

I hope my readers have missed me... it's nice to imagine that someone might look forward to reading my babble... and if you have missed my babble I do apologize for being away for two weeks.

What a two weeks it's been too.  I wish I could say it's been a blast, instead I'll say it's been life as life is.  Some good, some not so good... but nothing more than one can handle.

Gary's second surgery was a little tougher than the first - he still is showing off his shiner...  His vision wasn't as immediate as the first one, instead this one evolved over the past couple of weeks.  It's all good now, thankfully, and he even was able to do some computer repairs this week which made him very happy.  He has returned to driving, which made him happier still.  After 18 months of sitting in the driver's seat, I have moved over to the passenger's side of the van again, and it feels weird!

The day after Gary's surgery, my sweet little Churchill passed away.  I had been expecting this as he was slowly declining since Christmas, still it was a shock and a very sad day for us all - me especially as he really was my bird.  What has surprised me is how the dog has reacted to his passing.  They sort of shared a room, and were always together.  The bird would call Molly in and feed her, and since his passing, she has been very listless and seems sad.  She had a couple of days where she wouldn't eat, and she wouldn't even sleep on her bed, which was near his cage.  I guess we don't realize the impact our pets have on each other.  Churchill was with us for 20 yrs, and with Molly all her life...

The week ended with Hollywood invading my space.  Last Friday a production crew set up shop right outside my door (literally) to shoot the upcoming Christmas movie... Beethoven Saves Christmas.  The star of the movie Beethoven, wandered around infront of my house for about 18 hrs.  They managed to transform my neighbourhood into a Christmas wonderland, with decorations and Christmas floats, and then our winter city proceeded to give the whole set a very authentic winter day by producing a Manitoba blizzard.  We had a good chuckle watching the human stars shivering in their $1000.00 coats...

The day after the blizzard, my neighbour and I drove out to a local garden center to order our spring bulbs.  You gotta love how gardener's minds work!  We thought nothing of venturing out in the very cold day where the snow was yet to be plowed from blowing and packing in some roads...we almost got stuck twice and were the only customers in both centers, but we did manage to order our lilies, as well as purchase our spring seeds.

This week I have been busy painting and redecorating my dining room.  It has taken me the better part of the week to get the trim (mostly windows) done and this weekend we are going to attempt to replace the flooring with some new laminate.  I have ordered new window treatments, and still have to paint one piece of furniture, and hang the new light fixture and then that room is done.

I'm working on a few items for my Etsy shop which I have neglected for so long.  I might add a few vintage items to my Victorian Crochet items.  When I get it all loaded up, I'll let you know.

Happy weekend everyone...


  1. Dale, I was going to ask about Gary this morning. Glad to hear things cleared up. Does this mean you'll soon be a former bus rider?

    I added some vintage this week, too. It seems to gp well. Go ahead - try it.

  2. I am going to keep taking the bus, for a while. Believe it or not, I'm not actually hating it anymore, and it does get me off my you - know - what, which in my case is a very good thing!

    My problem with the vintage items is the pricing... a whole new area for a crafter...